The Path Less Traveled

I’ll admit it, I’m a creature of habit.  Especially in the morning.  Out of bed at 5, get my favorite cereal with my favorite coffee from the usual mug.  Same trail to work.  Sure, I’ll get adventuresome on the ride home, but early in the morning?  Just give me the trail I know like the back of my hand, thanks.

So this morning, I was riding the usual paved trail to work, maybe a kilometer or two from home, when, shazam!  There’s a logging truck smack dab in the middle, loading logs and letting nothing through.  Wake up!

Well, I had seen some some dirt trails in the area and decided to see if any could get me around the logging truck and on my way.  With 28mm tires and a cyclocross frame, my road bike should be up to the challenge.  The first trail looped back to where it started.  Then I spotted another path, the one in the picture.  It’s a tractor path that skirts several fields in the area and looked to be going in the right direction.  Doing my best to keep the slick tires upright in the moist dirt and grass, I guided the bike into the unknown.  Past one field, then another, the path kept going.  Suddenly it swept steeply downhill and arrived at the familiar paved trail to work.

The little dirt path that had scarcely been worth noting before had bailed me out, and was now a thing of wonder and excitement.

Feeling like you’re in a rut, going through the comfortable motions of life?  Maybe it’s time to get off the same old same old and onto the path less traveled.  Venture into the unknown, where everything is possible, even if just for awhile.


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