Bike Of The Week

City bikes are utilitarian transportation people use every day to go to work or school, or down to the Quicky Mart for lunch.

Bike Of The Week 14 May, 20010

They are rugged, comfortable, practical, and heavy.  Though they lack flash (an inherent anti-theft feature), city bikes are actually highly evolved and well adapted to use here in the relatively flat tri-border region. This example was spotted in the Dutch town of Sittard. It appears to have been around the block a few times; the original manufacturer’s decals are long gone. Typical of the breed, this bike has a kick stand, full fenders, full chain guard, color-matched luggage rack, and pull-back handlebars.

Other bits of note include:

  • Front hub generator for headlight
  • Front and rear internal drum brakes
  • Internally-geared rear hub
  • Frame-mounted rear wheel lock (they still insisted on cable-locking the front wheel to the cycle stand!)
  • Duct tape covering the right-hand brake lever housing
  • Oddly angled seat (it looks painful, but I see a lot of seats angled like this or more!)

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