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“If you don’t know where you’re going, any direction will do.” – Anonymous

Even better if you have all day to get there. 🙂  Sunday’s ride was a nice 65km spent wandering the countryside.  I started out in Germany, went North into The Netherlands, then meandered back home.  Since I’m new to the area, it’s kind of fun to just take a road and go.  So long as you know general directions and have a map, you can’t get truly lost.  Unless you happen to go some place not on the map.  That’s when the GPS comes in handy!

Biking around here is much more pleasant than back home in the Kent-Auburn area.  For one thing, you have to look hard to find a steep climb around here.  For another, the forests are situated next to big (several sq. mi.) fields that, together with the gently rolling landscape, gives extended views for several miles.  Finally, the rural setting is full of winding, back roads with only the infrequent car to contend with.

One thing I find confusing is that the signs on the bike trails change character between Germany and The Netherlands.  The sign at the top of this post is typical German; names of towns, distance, which way to go.  You get into The Netherlands, and the signs are simple numbers.  None of the “this far to that town” stuff.  That could be a problem if I need to get somewhere specific.  For now, it’s enough to simply ride and enjoy.

Can you spot the dove on the tv antenna?


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