Hitting The Trail

If you  force the trail to emerge and turn with your every command, then most  likely it will only become what you imagined. If you just enjoy the  anticipation of each new curve and seize it as it comes, the road around  the bend might lead to the unimaginable.”  – Bryan Hufala

Bike Trail Map

Back home in the Seattle area, most bike riders can name at least one bike trail.  A few might be able to name four or five.  Here in the tri-border region, an area of similar size to King county, there are a handful of named trails, but literally hundreds of numbered trails.

Here’s an image of the trail map for the local area.  These maps are posted at major trail intersections and are available as printed maps as well.  Trails with red numbers are in Germany.  The green ones are in the Netherlands.  Our home is in Susterseel, between Geilenkirchen and Sittard, in the bottom left.  If you click on the image, you will open the full 9MB uncompressed image.  Zoom in to check out the details!


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