Road-Bike Stunt Video A Hit

Apparently you, and 300,000+ other people worldwide, liked the video featuring Martyn Ashton’s antics on a carbon-fiber road bike enough to make it the most-viewed sports video of the week on Utoob.  Click here for the full backstory.

As told, the video was shot over three days.  Those involved claim no effects were used in the riding sequences.  Perhaps even more amazing, they also claim there were zero, none, nada, mechanical issues during the entire three days!  The only repair was to a tire flatted while riding on the streets of Bristol.  Not even the wheels needed truing after the fact.

If ever there was a testament to the durability of the modern bicycle, this is it.  One wonders if the manufacturers are falling over themselves to be in the next video?  The RALEIGH AVANTI looks ready for far more than anything the average owner would ever intentionally dish out.


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