Cipollini Video

Mario Cipollini is arguably the glitziest, most dazzling sprinter of my generation.  Though he competed in numerous Tours of France, he never wore the yellow jersey in Paris.  Heck, I don’t think he ever completed a Tour.  No, “Super Mario” was the greatest sprinter of the era, a man, a legend, who would show up at flat stages, dazzle everyone with a huge burst of speed in excess of 50mph, win the race and the women, then jet back to his Villa in Tuscany.  The stars of Hollywood had nothing on this guy.

Thanks to BikeRumor for this promo video of his latest venture:  Cipollini Bikes:

The editor at BikeRumor said it well:  “I can only tell two more things from the vid: firstly that I’d really like to live in Tuscany; secondly that the old rogue remains pretty damn cool, and can still bash out 1800w without breaking a sweat. See what you think…”

Indeed.  Italian style, a passion for cycling.  Forces of nature intertwined with expressions of beauty.  It probably wouldn’t play in America, but the video does offer an insight into the European bicycle aesthetic.


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