Bike Of The Week: Bike-O-Licious

Photo Courtesy of Karen Harbaugh

We found this tasty example of an urban moped in Sittard, NL.  Mopeds may have faded from the scene in the US, but they are still popular in bike-friendly Europe.

This particular moped is a Sachs Saxonette Luxus.  The 30cc engine produces 200W output to assist the pedal pusher.  Combine that with a 1.5 liter gas tank, and I’m guessing it is good for 50-60 miles per refill.  This model also has the optional cast rear wheel.  Low maintenance, but more weight.  Fortunately, we don’t have many hills in these here parts!  Throw on a set of panniers and its off to the market, or work, or…


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