Bike Of The Week: Cargo Bikes

“Live. And Live Well. BREATHE. Breathe in and Breathe deeply. Be PRESENT. Do not be past. Do not be future. Be now… If you bike, pedal HARD!” – Kyle Lake

Looking for a rugged, well made cargo bike? Be sure to check out the Bikfiets Cargo bike.  These rugged and stylish bikes sport several desirable features.  First, the built-in center stand securely supports the bike and cargo.  The feet allow the rider to easily lever the rig up into place.  Next is the heim-joint steering mechanism.  Rather than directly connecting the handlebars to the front wheel, this bike uses a long rod to link wheel to handlebar, allowing the cargo basket to sit between the wheels.

Speaking of wheels, the small front wheel keeps the frame compact and stiffens the front end, at the expense of some extra rolling resistance.

Finally, this example appears to have a battery mounted on the rear luggage rack.  Even with the moderate terrain in the Tri-Border region, pedaling 50kg (120lb) or more of bike and cargo is going to make a mess of that nice suit.  Another excellent application for the electrically-assisted bike!

For urban cyclists looking to bike more and drive less, cargo bikes can address a lot of needs that conventional bikes cannot.  With the benefit of electric assist, the cyclist is no longer a slave to gravity and friction; or to be more accurate, the cyclist can choose the level of effort desired, from easy cruise to full boogie workout.  Sure, the “real” cyclist will always have the purity of pedal-only power.  For the “real” commuter, shopper, and general cargo hauler, the hybrid designs open up two-wheeled life to more people in more circumstances than pedals ever can.


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