The Year In Review

“It is not enough to merely to have added new years to life; our objective must also be to add new life to those years.” – John Fitzgerald Kennedy (paraphrased)

However much you may have enjoyed following our adventures in Europe, it can’t compare with the joy we have have experienced living here and writing to you.  Through this blog, you’ve been given glimpses of bikes, cycling, and life here in the Tri-Border region.  Truth be told, one blog cannot begin to capture the richness of a single day living here.  Indulge me as I give a big shout out to The Boeing Company and NATO, without whose support Karen and I would have never been able to add this chapter to our lives.

It is with more than a little reluctance that I tell you our time here is coming to an end.  What was to have been a longer-term assignment fell victim to the global economy.  Karen and I are returning stateside in early January.  Though we are looking forward to new work and seeing friends and family, we are reluctant to leave the new friends we’ve made and what is a very beautiful region; we were really just beginning to explore the culture here and see the many sights.

While this is the end of our time in Europe, it is not the end of this blog.  Though we will no longer be exploring biking in Europe through American eyes, our gaze will turn to viewing the Seattle bike scene through more worldly eyes.  As ever, our focus will remain on the nexus of bikes, cycling, and life; a kind of metaphor for  being and living.

As we slide into 2011, let me leave you with some photos that did not make it into any of the other posts.  Enjoy!

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