I’m a 50’s something cyclist from Seattle, Washington, USA. A father of one and married to Karen since 1984, Karen and I currently reside in in the farming community of Susterseel, Germany; an area known as the tri-border region. Located near the boarder between Germany, The Netherlands, and Belgium, Susterseel is ideally located to enjoy cycling in northern Europe.

I personally enjoy just about anything with two wheels, including road
bikes, mountain bikes, and motorcycles. But bicycles are what really capture my interest. As an engineer, I appreciate their mechanical simplicity and elegance. As a cyclist, I enjoy the engagement of all the senses while riding, the challenge of skill and fitness. As a person, I’m fascinated by the cultural aspects of cycling, how people and society relate to bicycles.

When we are in our own culture, we cannot readily see it, like trying to see a piece of white paper in a mountain whiteout. It is only when we step outside of our culture that we can truly begin to see it.  Through the fresh eyes of a visitor, every day reveals something new about the bikes, cycling, and culture here in Europe. My hope is that you too will enjoy these musings and come to a greater appreciation of cycling the world over.


2 responses to “ABOUT

  1. Bruce Morgan

    Thank you so much for your wonderful blog! My wife and I were stationed at Geilenkirchen NATO AB from 1996 – 2001 and your pictures bring back such fond memories. The time we spent there was absolutely wonderful. Me and a friend used to ride our bikes from Wehr to GK everyday for over 2 years. What a beautiful time in our lives. You too have found that hidden gem. Tschuss!

    • Thanks for your kind words, Bruce. GK has probably grown a bit since you were there, but it is still rural and lovely. Karen and I were just up the road in Suesterseel and lived in a renovated farm house that still had the original 200 year-old stable. It had been converted to a garage and could hold 6 cars with room to spare! Like you, we certainly left a piece of our hearts in Geilenkirchen… Wiederzen!

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